Brennan's Ghost Story

from Brennan S. of Rochester, NY

Mrs. Wolf was a very, lonely lady who was distant from her two children and her dead husband. She smoked and was friends with the neighbors. One day she was found at the top of the stairs dead. My family moved in soon after to encounter painted windows and pink walls. There was also strange phenomenon…

My mother was feeding my little brother when dishes came flying out of the cupboard and hit the ground with a clash. One time, there was "skittering" in the attic; and when we called the exterminator, he said the dust wasn’t even moved. And at a different time, my brother talked to the wall and laughed, pointing at nothing.

The most horrific event was when my father heard coughing and assumed it was my mom having problems, for she was pregnant. He came walking up the steps when a thing in a bathrobe swished by him and into the bathroom. Over 15 years later, we thought the ghost phenomenon was gone, but that changed when my brother, Mike, saw a white thing run by him and lean over my brother Colin’s bed. When he told Colin to go asleep, he noticed he was laying down!

The entity might still live in the house, but it is nice, caring and doesn’t bother us anymore.