Simone's Ghost Story

by Simone of Perth, Australia

My ghost story is this: I have been feeling a negative energy in my house since about Saturday last week (start of September). Every time I walked past my boys’ room, I could feel something there. There has been a negative energy in the same room, but this felt different, and myself and a friend helped the last ones cross over a few months earlier.

Every night that week I felt like I was being watched, and my sons would not settle in that room.

On Wednesday ,I had an “awful feeling all day,” like something bad was going to happen. I also had “waves” of negative energy washing over me, and felt drained by lunchtime.

Ended up going out with some girlfriends (D and A) that night, my kids stayed at a friend’s place. About midnight, a girlfriend (D) decided to go home, but I told her to stay at my place, sleep in the boys’ room (my house is a lot closer than hers).

All was good, so D goes back to my house. Then the bad feeling returned and I burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying. Then text messages from D started, “I feel really uncomfy in the boys room…feel like I’m being watched. Sleeping on the couch. Just got really cold, even with blanket on. Just felt it breathing on me. There’s something here. I’m so scared. Going back to my house.”

So I called D, and asked her to come get me and my other friend I was with, still crying uncontrollably. We went back to my place to get our cars, and I was going to stay at my boyfriend’s house (not staying at mine!). As we drove by, I saw a black mass in the boys’ bedroom, as the blinds were open. I walked in the house saying, “We are only getting our keys. I am not afraid. We will leave you in peace in a moment.”

I couldn’t find her keys, so we started searching. All of a sudden a force that felt like a wall hit me, and I hit the wall. Knocked out. my friends got me out of the house, and we went to my boyfriend’s, each in our own cars. As we are driving there, A text messages, me “I can feel something in my car.” As we got to my boyfriend’s home (only about a two minute drive away), she bolts from her car screaming and crying. “It was in there. I could feel it touching me, breathing on me.” We all stay snuggled up with our mates, and my boyfriend, until we all fell asleep. I could feel the energy outside the house. My boyfriend had asked his spirit guide only to allow our spirit guides into the house, nothing else. It worked, but I could still feel it watching me from outside.

We left the next morning, and I could not feel it. When I went back to my house, everything felt fine, until this afternoon. My younger brother came around my house to visit the children, and could feel it, even without me telling him it was there, in the exact spot I feel it - outside the boys’ room. I can feel it watching me, as I type this. Feeling the negative energy washing over me again. I have asked it to stop scaring the children, and will help it cross over as soon as I can!! It is 4:45 PM WST (Perth, Western Australia) and in about 45 minutes, I am heading to my boyfriend’s mum’s house to learn how to help spirits cross over, and to cleanse my house.