An Ohio Ghost Story

by John

My name is John. My mom and I both see, hear and feel paranormal entities.

I have lived in three houses in the past eight years, all of which have been haunted by different spirits. The first was the worst; that's the one I'm writing about. We didn't really notice it until we moved out. Mom and I were in the house packing, and something touched my back. I know it doesn't sound strange, but I looked around for anything that could have touched me (spider webs, cords, anything). There was nothing around other than the "touchings" and other small things. When we moved, it was dead winter; and anyone that's from Ohio knows what I mean. When I say "dead winter," that is to say cold wind and high snow. Anyway, we could smell lilacs in the house with the door closed.

The other spirit I have on tape somewhere (or the ghost took it and hid it -- I'm not real sure); and on the tape you can see something walk up the stairs and into the bathroom. And then in the bedroom where the camera it gets to the door, the tape starts to get static; but the shadow is still visible -- then it walks away and the tape clears. I know without seeing the tape it sounds like BS, but it's the honest truth.