Ghostly Encounters Ghost Story

by Jan B. from Calgary, Aberta, Canada

In 2000, my husband, who is from Stockholm, Sweden had a strange encounter in the apartment we are living in. He works late in the night repairing computers and he went upstairs to the kitchen to get some coffee. He went through the dining room to the kitchen and the light switched off. He believed it to be a mechanical failure, as he is an engineer. He tested the switch and it worked fine and again went out of the room and the light switched off.

This was the beginning of a serious haunting that scared the daylights out of us. Later that night a bag of oranges which was sitting on the cupboard spilled out and oranges were all over the floor. That was enough to convince him that this was an out-of-the-ordinary experience and he hid under the covers.

My dog and cat refused to go into the dining room and kitchen which was where all the incidents occurred. They would cry and cower in fear when the entity was about.

The incidents started escalating and a crucifix I had on the wall was laying on the floor, knives would appear on the table, when there wasn't anything there the night before and noises which sounded like a child crying would come from the dining room corner. There was a cold spot in the center of the dining room and I always felt chilled going there.

Shortly after this started I had company over for dinner and was setting the table and put placemats on the table. As soon as I moved to another setting, the placemat flew off the table. Then chairs started moving on their own accord.

This continued for approximately 6 months and both my husband and myself were living in fear of the unseen. Electrical interference's started happening whereby a lightbulb would last approximately 1 week, the television was constantly flickering, static noises came over the radio and things would disappear that I know were in plain view.

I decided enough was enough and contacted the Paranormal Society in London asking for an address for Eddie Burke, a known ghost hunter, who stated in his book that he could remove ghosts from any location, as time and distance do not matter in the spiritual world. I sent him a floor plan of my home and within 2 weeks of sending it to him, the ghosts were gone.

As Eddie is in his 80's, I hope that he has a prodigy to take his place, as this was a very frightening experience to go through.

Today the apartment feels warm and safe and I do not sense any beings present.