Two Ghostly Experiences In One Night

by Edna

First, I must explain. My husband works twelve hour shifts. On this day he was off and he slept until about 4pm. We had dinner and decided to watch a movie. He fell asleep half way through the movie, so I finished watching the movie and turned off the television.

I went into the bedroom, laid across the bed and turned on the television in there. About five minutes later, I saw what I thought was smoke coming out of the floor. Because I was less then a foot from it, I looked closer and realized it was more of a mist. I sat up in bed and watched as it floated upward to the ceiling. It appeared more like the upper torso of a female. I wanted to believe it was just something I had only imagined.

I went into the computer room and decided to write it down because I try to keep a journal of things that I have seen and heard. At this point, nothing was on - no TV, no radio or anything else that could give off sound.

Sitting in the computer room, my back was turned away from the door. And, I kept getting the feeling someone was standing behind me. I would look, hoping my husband was up; but no - he was still asleep. Suddenly I heard a female voice say "Hello". The voice was very clear and distinctive, and it shocked me.

Of course, now, I do not enter a room without sound on and I leave lights, and televisions on all the time.