Truck At Night Ghost Story

by Raquel Garcia

My husband, my mom and I were in Mexico at this little ranch that was about 20 minutes away from the highway. The twenty minute drive is on a dirt road that is extremely dark. There are no light posts, and hardly any travelers after 9:00 pm. Earlier that day, somebody told my husband this ghost story about a truck that appears to drivers at night on a certain curve of this road, then just disappears.

When we decided to leave the ranch at about 11:00 pm my husband started telling my mom and me about the story. It wasn't scary or anything, we just thought it was an old folk tale or something. We were about eight minutes into this dark drive when, up ahead about a quarter mile, there was an odd vehicle coming toward us (couldn't tell if it was a car or truck). It flashed its brights at us about three times. We all saw this, so my husband just moved over more to his side of the road.

As the TRUCK passed us, I said, "What if that's the ghost truck?" Instantly we turned to get a second look at the truck, and it was gone. We were the only people on the road. We had all seen the truck. It just vanished.

Talk about being in the middle of no where IN THE DARK. I don't believe my husband had ever driven so fast on a dirt road before.