Paranormal Experience

by James

One night (I'm not exactly sure what time but, maybe, a little before or after midnight), I was in my room lying on my bed and listening to music on my stereo. The lights were on, and nobody was in the room other than me.

After maybe 15 minutes or so, I started to doze off with the remote in my right hand (mind you, I was laying on my right side; and so, my right arm and hand were about halfway hanging off the bed with my palm facing upwards). But, what woke me up was the volume of the music getting lower and lower on the stereo. And I am so sure to this day that I did not have anything to do with intentionally pressing the volume down button on the remote that was in my hand. The stereo remote control was just resting in my palm. I'm sure that while dozing off I did not press anything.

So, what woke me up was the fact that the volume had decreased on it's own, and not only that, but once I noticed this and opened my eyes to look at the stereo across the room from me, I actually could see the numbers of the volume going down...15...14...13...12...11...10... Amazingly, I didn't freak out. I just sat up on my bed, pressed stop on the remote - then off, and walked out of my room calmly but a bit unsure of what had just happened.

Was it a ghost?