My Amazing Experiences Ghost Story

by Katie Grantham

These are my amazing experiences...

I have had two similar experiences. My first was when I was about ten years old. And I am always in bed when this happens. My mum had just come home from a night out with friends, and woke me up. I remember thinking, 'Great. I am never going to get back to sleep now.' I am a very light sleeper, and I must have gone back to sleep because I woke up a few hours later. And everywhere was silent.

As I was lying on my back, and I closed my that very second that I closed my eyes, I felt a presence in my room. I remember thinking, 'Oh its mum coming to check on me' (like mums do). So I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't. I couldn't move or speak. I remember trying so hard to open my eyes that my eyebrows were lifting up! I then felt a warm feeling on my cheek, like someone had kissed me! When the feeling had gone, I could open my eyes -- and no one was there! I asked my mum the next day if she had been in my room, and she said, 'No.' She went straight to sleep!

The next time this happened, was about four years ago. I had just got into bed...then the whole house shook. I was terrified. My mum was staying at a friend's house, so I phoned her on her mobile. She had felt it, too. She told me she was going to put the news on to find out what had happened, and she would ring me back! A few minutes later she phoned and told me that we just had a mini-earthquake! She told me not to worry, that it was over and to go back to sleep. I turned onto my side and put the quilt on my head (so my face was peering out). As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt a presence.

I had floor boards at the time, and I could even hear them creaking...someone was walking across my floor! Again I tried to open my eyes, and I couldn't. My eyebrows were lifting up again, trying desperately to open them. I couldn't move or speak! Then I felt a weight on top of me, like an arm around me giving me a cuddle. As soon as the feeling was gone, I could open my eyes again - and my room was empty. Who is this? What is this?

I feel very blessed to have had these experiences; but also find it frustrating, because I want to know more! Amazing, hey? I have been kissed and cuddled, and I don't know by who...