Murderous Ghost Story

by Matthew

I am 18 years old, work on a building site, and that is where I had my near death experience. I was working on the top floor of a 15 story high building a couple of weeks ago, and I had to put a new window in on the 14th floor. That is where my story begins.

Everything was fine all day, until I went for my break as normal. I left the scaffolding, through the empty space where I had taken the window out, and went to the snap room. I started to get a funny feeling in my stomach like something was there next to me. After break, I started walking to where I was working, and I saw something go out of the window. The scaffold moved, even though it was a really nice, sunny day, with no wind and not even a cloud in the sky. So, I decided to harness myself up for safety. I carried on working when the scaffold started to shake; and all of a sudden, I fell off of it.

It seemed like I had been pushed off by some force, because I went over the safety bars, which came nearly up to my shoulders. The next thing which happened was even more strange, because the harness then snapped; but it looked like it had been cut. I fell five stories down, but luckily managed to grab a bar sticking out of the scaffolding. I was about to slip and could see my life flash before my eyes when a co-worker managed to get me onto the scaffolding and saved my life.

I am convinced that a ghost tried to murder me. But why?