Mother's Ghost Stories

by Taylor

These three accounts of ghosts actually happened to my mother, so I guess I'll tell them in the order in which they happened.  

Once, my mother was driving on a stormy night. She was only in her teens, but she was just staring into the windshield when she saw our deceased grandmother in the windshield.

Another time, she had a friend named Brian.  He developed cancer.  Then one night, my mom woke up and was super cold.  She looked over and saw Brian sitting on the end of her bed.  He said to her, "I just wanted to say good-bye," and he disappeared.

My Grandpa Kenny (her dad) also died of cancer, when my mom was 33, just a week before my little sister was born in the year 2000. Well, he always wore this certain, very familiar cologne. One night, my mother woke up and smelled the very same cologne he wore. She knew he was there.

Now, this story happened to me. I have never seen my grandmother "Peachy " before, because she died before I was even born. She was the face in my mom's windshield. Well, when she told me that story, I pictured Grandma.  Now, I had never even seen a picture of her before in my life. But, I have had dreams about her in her house in North Carolina! I live in Illinois. She had a rocking chair in a corner of her house in the dream.

So, I asked my mother if she had any pictures of Grandma Peachy, and she showed me one. I said " I've seen her before." My mom told my great grandmother, who also lives in North Carolina, about my dream.  And she said she thought "Grammy P" is my Guardian Angel.  I find this comforting.