What Are Paranormal Investigators?

Paranormal InvestigatorsWe used to provide an extensive listing of paranormal investigators in and beyond the United States. However, we found it nearly impossible to validate good groups from the bad or keep up with the sheer number of ghost investigation groups who either fold or appear on the scene.

What are Paranormal Investigators?
Paranormal investigators are often local groups (sometimes with National or even International affiliations) who are typically devoted to investigating reports of haunting in an attempt to determine what is taking place in a location, exploring ghost activity. Paranormal investigators will typically use different types of equipment to try and capture evidence of the haunting, such as EVP, photo and video imagery. Scientific procedure should be the protocol with great note keeping, interviews, and seeking to find normal explanations for what may appear to be extraordinary occurrences on the surface. Some call this "debunking." Debunking is good as long as it is done fairly and correctly. We have seen some scientifice debunking that was just as biased as the purported ghost evidence put up by those who think every strange sound or orb photo is proof of a ghost.

We have found that the procedure, equipment, as well as technical know-how will vary from each group of paranormal investigators, often times, due to the time it takes to accumulate understanding and monies needed to be able to provide a thorough investigation. Be sure and check into the background of your local paranormal investigation group, and never pay money for what should be a free service. This field is full of novices, but good ghost investigators of the paranormal are out there. And they typically investigate for the sake of understanding and a willingness to help those troubled by haunting.

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