Stress & Ghosts

Can ghosts and ghost investigation be stressful?

Stress & Ghosts: Ghost HuntingFor many interested in the paranormal, ghost investigating can pretty much be just a hobby. If given some free time, part-time ghost hunters may embark on ghost tours, tag along on some private ghost investigations with a local ghost hunting group, or explore an old cemetery or building on their own, snapping some pictures and making EVP recordings. Sounds like fun, and often it is.

Still, there are stresses associated with ghost hunting that should be noted, especially for those who research and investigate the paranormal regularly. The more cases of haunting a person decides to explore, the more chance that burnout might occur. Obviously, working at night can increase tiredness if we are burning the candle at both ends, so to speak. Researching or even listening to macabre stories about past tragedies will also sometimes take a toll on one's mind. Stress and fatigue can build, leaving a person exhausted or even causing sleeplessness. It is possible for depression to also accompany exhaustion. Being compelled to dig deeper while attempting to solve cases of haunting can occupy the mind to the point of obsession. We need to learn to take breaks and share the information we gather. This way, we are not alone in the work when we choose to include others. We communicate, because we need to clear our heads from time to time. Call it a "debriefing" of sorts.

Stress from the Embodied: Emotional Drain
Professional ghost investigators and researchers know that dealing with others who are suffering from a haunting can be emotionally draining. It takes work to help others overcome their fears in order to calm them down. This often occurs before the case of haunting is fully examined. By allowing people who have experienced haunting by ghosts to vent, we begin the process of easing their mind. By answering their questions and giving feedback to their stories, we then work to calm their fears and free their mind. This can be difficult work, as the beliefs people may hold about ghosts, spirits, and the afterlife might be difficult to address. People like to hold onto what they think they know. Such work by the seasoned ghost investigator can become tiresome, but it is a necessary step in helping people.

Keeping A Strong Mind Helps With Stress During Ghost Investigations
While ghost hunting, it is important to remain calm and fearless, even if a frightening situation is encountered. This requires a strong mind. Keeping our senses in check allows us to remain rational, a bit skeptical, but also able to tune-in to what is going on within a situation. I often rely upon my inner sense to help guide me during encounters with ghosts. To do this, I have found it necessary to keep all fear in check. By the way, if the investigation takes hours, and they often do, be sure to take some breaks and refresh yourself. Being fresh and unstressed will make you better at your work.

Ghosts Causing Stress?
Cases of ghosts and haunting that exhibit a fair amount of activity may be energy draining, too. Some call this “psychic exhaustion.” It is common for psychic-mediums who communicate with ghosts and spirits to sometimes feel drained afterward. If you are working to communicate with ghosts, you might also become weakened and low on energy. Some teach that our own energy is used by ghosts to manifest and communicate with us. If this is true, then this could be one reason why fatigue often follows a ghost investigation.

Managing Ghost Investigation Stresses
When we attempt to communicate with ghosts, we are mentally-focusing our energies toward making contact. This will naturally bring exhaustion, just like when we are doing any other mental task that requires our devoted attention. It is important that we get enough rest to recharge after such work. Some prepare beforehand through use of meditation or prayer in order to be fully energized. It is not a bad idea to do the same after an investigation to remove any stress and come back to balance. Remaining vibrant and fearless is a best practice in order to bring about positive experiences when working with the paranormal.