Ghost In A Bottle?

Ghost Bottles? Ghosts in Jars? Can you put a ghost in a bottle?

Ghosts in Bottles: Real?We have to write about a tiny Internet phenomenon known as "Ghost In A Bottle." It would seem that quite a few people are selling ghosts in a bottle, as though one could purchase the spirit of a person for a paltry sum of money. Though interesting, such ideas of ghosts are not true.

Ghosts are disembodied spirits of either animals, or humans. Bottles, jars, and any other magical containers cannot be used to somehow capture them. In other words, a physical object such as a jar or bottle cannot hold or contain a spirit entity within it. Inanimate objects have been known, however, to have ghosts attached to them. An attachment is nothing more than a figurative way of saying a person feels possessive about a certain item. It does not mean to convey a literal idea of an object somehow being super-glued to a ghost or spirit.

You may be thinking that we shouldn't even have to write about ghosts in bottles, but people are marketing them to others who are willing to be duped out of cash.

What is a ghost in a bottle? It is a hoax, something also known as "ghost in a jar." A ghost in a jar can often be found selling on eBay, whereby the seller claims to have found a sealed set of bottles buried in the ground. One of them purportedly broke open while being exhumed, and of course a dark mist came pouring out.

Ghost in a Jar?Ghost In A Jar from eBay
The buyer of the remaining bottle or bottles is then left to assume that they could also contain trapped spirits hidden within. Of course there are no ghosts hidden within the bottle, but who could disprove the seller's tale?

Another example of this hoax appeared a few years ago. St. Augustine, known for its numerous ghost tours, has a man by the name of John Deese who claims to sell bottles with ghosts trapped inside them. He claims to have contracted with professional ghost hunters around the country to stuff the poor human spirits into the bottles for him. Of course, it is easy to see how this is nothing more than a little money-maker for Mr. Deese. Since his idea popped online, others have been quick to jump on the scheme by selling their own versions of the ghost in a bottle hoax. We suppose it is all in fun, but...somebody's making money off of this scam!

When one considers such a thing as trapping ghosts, it brings to mind the film Ghost Busters. Perhaps the movie has influenced others by suggesting troublesome ghosts can be captured and contained within some form of nether storage facility. Such novelties rely on the active imagination of the human mind. Many purveyors, of ghosts in jars and bottles, warn that by purchasing a ghost in a container and taking it home, strange things might happen around the home. One can only imagine how every little noise and mishap might be transformed by the suspicious mind into being the manifestation of the ghost that was recently purchased.

Making a Fun Ghost in a Jar (video)
There is indeed a ghost in a bottle that can be made that is quite fascinating, so we recommend watching the above video in order to create one yourself. Remember, real ghosts are real people. You wouldn't want to stuff them in a jar, would you? Then, again...