Ghost Attack

It (the ghost attack) began when we moved into our home six years ago. The lid of our daughter’s bottle steriliser would flip off whenever we left the kitchen. Then, the kettle (electric) would boil by itself, nearly every night.

This went on, but it soon escalated to kitchen utensils being hurled at my partner. When she left the kitchen, a utensil rack with all the parts flew at her back as she came out into the hallway (I saw the utensils land and scatter all over the floor in the hall behind her). It was after this event that we were sure we had a visitor.

Things steadily progressed further, and luckily for my partner, I became the target. I was being called all sorts of names too rude to mention. I also started to notice scratches on my body that would burn at first, and then, appear as scratches, sometimes from my neck to my waist (I even captured images of one as it was appearing on my neck, but my phone got wet and all videos and pics were lost).

One night as we trying to get to sleep, my partner said she couldn’t warm up (my room is always freezing). I agreed. As we were chatting, she asked me if I noticed anything at the bottom of the bed. When I looked down, you could clearly see the silhouette of a person standing there. It wasn’t a solid mass; it had a swirly oil-on-water effect. It was just standing there for awhile, but it soon faded. We made no attempt to speak to it at the time (too scared!).

One day, I was waiting in the living room for my daughter's bath to run, so I decided to ask out-loud, "If you're here, do something now! Do it when the sun is up, then, I’ll believe you." Nothing happened at that very moment, but I was soon in for a shock.

As I was drying my daughter, in the same room, a picture of me and my older son flew off of the cabinet and smashed onto the floor. I have never asked the ghost to do something out-loud, since.

Another experience that occurred, happened to my partner when she suddenly awoke to find an old lady leaning over her with her index finger to her lips in the "Shh" gesture. I don’t think she is connected with the other experiences in our home.

This is now the sixth year in my home, and things have calmed down a lot since we got our two cats; but still, the odd shadow person and scratches still occur.

Publisher's Note:
A ghost attack can often be misunderstood. Sometimes, they are simply the product of a frustrated ghost, desiring to gain the attention (or help) of the family. Other ghost attacks are the product of ill-intentioned human spirits that find enjoyment in frightening victims. In both cases, communication is necessary in order to resolve the disembodied person's issues. Some cases of haunting are more difficult to solve than others. One should not attempt to taunt ghosts as this may elevate the attacks. Compare a similar story: Ghost Attack Story. Understand helping hurting souls: Spirit Rescue