Ghost Airplane Story

Lisa sees a ghost airplane in a country of South America: Bolivia...

from Lisa

Ghost Airplane Story from BoliviaI have heard many stories of ghost airplanes and was pleased to have witnessed some for myself even before seeing all the articles on the subject.

My experiences have taken place in different days, months in the lovely country of Bolivia. I noticed that alien activity is stronger here. I believe when you are more spiritual, they sense that and will appear more when you are looking for them.

This particular experience took place in the month of May of 2009. I was going on a small trip with my mother to a remote village in the city of La Paz. We were traveling in a friends car and entering a valley on the side of a mountain.


I have always been curious about UFOs. So I felt I sensed something; when we turned a corner, we had a nice view of the city. And that's when I saw an airplane.

The airplane was not far away, and it was flying sideways (I was not looking straight up from underneath of it). My eyes got stuck on this airplane for some strange reason. I noticed the plane was completely white like snow and no markings or windows! At that moment, to me, that was a sign that this was not a regular airplane.

I kept staring at it. Trying not to take my eyes off the plane because we were in a car, and we were passing some tall trees. I managed to keep my eyes on the ghost airplane for a full two minutes. Then, I noticed the white airplane began to slowly dissapear before my eyes!! It became faint, slowly, and it was gone!!

I was in shock. I have seen a couple ghost airplanes prior, but this was the first time I managed to catch one disappear. 

Ghost airplanes, I believe, are really alien aircraft. The proof could be the famous ancient Colombian gold airplanes that were found and the ancient Egyptian wooden airplane (or bird they believe)! They are ancient, and I believe that's how people got inspired to create the newer versions of aircraft. 

Ghost airplanes are real, and I feel pleased to have had this experience.