Ouija Board Horror Ghost Story

An Ouija Board Ghost Story
by Kim & Kariss...

Old Terrace house - 1950
Note: This is a story my grandfather wishes me to share.

My grandfather had been out with some friends for a drink. They decided they'd had enough at the bar and left home for one of his friends' houses.

There, they messed-about telling ghost stories, etc; but went too far by using a Ouija Board. My grandfather had realised it was silly and left for home. By this time, it was late; round about 1:00 AM.

He was getting ready for bed and took a trip to the toilet; where he heard noises downstairs, but thought nothing of it.

Drifting in and out of sleep, he was awakened by a loud crashing sound coming from the stairs again. He was beginning to feel a lot more scared by this time in the night.

Turning in his bed, he was facing away from the door. So scared, he managed to slowly fall asleep. He woke up again, much later, with an intense cramp in his leg. He thought maybe he'd been lying in an akward position. But, as he tried to move his leg, he couldn't. Sitting up, he was horrified to see a woman sitting on his bed!

He believes that he'd opened a channel from the ouija board and allowed a ghost into his house...

To this day, he has never visited the old house he lived in...

I believe this as my grandfather has never done anything like this since. The only reason he did so, was because he had a drink with some friends.

To this day, my grandfather has warned me never ever to make a Ouiji Board.