The Ghosts of Christmas

A Reflection Concerning Christmas Time and Ghosts

Christmas season can be a magical time, one filled with spirits and ghosts. Why, Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol alone tells the story of three spirits: the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. Through looking at the ghosts of our past, Dickens seems to say that we need to look at what we are doing in our present and consider how it will affect our future. No need to be haunted by being thoughtless towards the rest of humanity.

And while we remember others, while putting ourselves second for a bit, let us also remember those of us who are in the unseen realms. Christmas time, as well as other seasons and days of celebration throughout the year are times when loved ones who are in Spirit should come to mind. Sometimes, we may receive glimpses of unseen visitors or perhaps sense their presence with us in the ethereal realm. It is commonly taught that spirits seldom miss a celebration, as they check in on our lives from time to time. Let us choose to welcome them openly.

As we reflect on those who might be with us during Christmas, take the time to examine your photographs. Pay attention to your feelings. Notice coincidences. But above all else, give to and love others. The spirit of love and giving is what Christmas time is about. Enlightened spirits are all about love and charity. You can feel their embrace in the midst of true Christmas spirit! Love all and embrace your oneness with humanity.

Also, be aware of the less fortunate and hurting during the Holiday Season, whether they be visible or not.

Ghosts are around us, observing us, focusing on the things which they want so much to be a part of.

Like many during the holidays, their emotional pain may be felt its deepest during the Christmas season. Like Jacob Marley from Dicken's classic, they too might long to have the chains they have forged lessened; their focus on the past likely causing some to feel the burden of their mistakes. Let us learn from them and be forgiving.

Though some ghosts of Christmas feel the love and joy we extend, others are hurting and in need of love. Give them time if you think of them. Speak openly to the ghosts and spirits of Christmas present, letting them know you care and are aware of their visitation.

And should you discover you have created some of your own ghosts that haunt your memories, change your heart for not only Christmas, but for the New Year. There is no need to create more ghosts of for the Holiday Season...

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