Christmas Ghost Picture

This ghost picture taken at Christmas has been circulating e-mails and the Internet for some time, but is interesting to take a look at. Is there such a thing as a Christmas Ghost? The ghosts of Christmas would seem to argue for such a thing. Here is the story from the words of the young lady who started it all:

"This picture is so freaky. My co-worker Mary that lives in Stockton bought her sister a digital camera for Christmas. Her sister took a picture of their niece and if you look behind the chair the niece is sitting on, you will see Mary's Grandfather who passed away away months prior, in October, 2004. Remember this picture was taken on Christmas day morning, and I was also with Mary when she bought the camera at Circuit City the day after Thanksgiving. Her Grandfather was creamated and his ashes are at Mary's home. When I saw this picture it gave me the CHILLS!!!" - Lydia

This photo circulating the web looks to have been created in an art program.  What do you think?  Christmas ghosts or simply photo manipulation?  You decide...

We think the Christmas Ghost Picture is just a good hoax.  We believe we see two remnants of Photoshopping: the doorway was mistakenly cut away along with Grandpa's neck; and the straight edge of one of the photos laid over top of another photo is still visible by the chair.