Ghost in Kitchen Picture

Velda sent us this very difficult to deduce picture of a ghost in the kitchen. At least, we think it might be a ghost picture. We're not sure, but we do know that the camera acted funky when this photograph was snapped. Was it due to the energy of the ghost? Is the white anomaly of the ghost itself? You decide...

"My older daughter was visiting with me and my younger daughter from Washington state. Last week the younger daughter and her husband just finished refurbishing their kitchen. The older daughter took pictures from the other room with her cell camera... She began taking pictures as the dogs looked up at the pot hanger above the kitchen island and started barking. We saw nothing until we looked at the pictures on my older daughter's camera...a ghostly figure on the stool. My daughter is beside that ghostly figure, somewhere. Her labradoodle dog is there too."

If you look closely, you'll notice legs and feet. These are the daughter's, but the rest of her body is missing. Below her is a faint image of their dog. Neither of these two are ghosts.