Ghosts of Tombstone: Boothill Hearse

Everyone has heard of the legendary ghosts of Tombstone, but Dan from Tuscon, Arizona sent us this puzzling ghost picture of the Black Moriah hearse. The Black Moriah Hearse is located in the extremely haunted Birdcage Saloon, and took all the bodies from the OK Coral shoot-out up to Boot Hill for burial. Sci-Fi's Ghost Hunters recently did an investigation of the Birdcage Saloon, and experienced a lot of activity in this place - apparitions, shadow ghosts, noises and the like. The reflection in this ghost picture is consistent with the person who took the picture, as it is reflected "straight across." However, there is no camera present (or arms) with the face...

"I was in Tombstone...and took this pic of the hearse (the Black Moriah) which is in the Birdcage Saloon. Only my wife and myself were present in that room when I snapped the pic of the Hearse, called the Black Moriah. I sent the pic off to a lady by the name of Beth who works out of the organization called HAPIA which located in Canada. They are paranormal investigators and have "dissected" thousands of "ghost pics." They spent hours trying to analyze the pic and came to the conclusions below which I include from some of their e-mails. They told me this is the first pic they have seen, where the "subject" is in color. Personally, I believe this is the best picture of a ghost I have ever seen. Somehow, I think this "guy" wanted to be photographed. Note, how the bottom lower right of the face is BEHIND the pipe which is BEHIND the hearse. But the rest of the face is an apparent normal reflection on the outer part of the hearse. Check also his right eye, how it is enlarged, you can even see his pupil if you zoom in on it. I was in touch with Bill Hunley, and since the pic is so life-like, we are hoping we might be able to identify this "person" from an old photo. You are welcome to put the picture through any type of scrutiny you wish, as I know it was not faked and it is not of anyone (live) who was standing nearby in the room."

Comments from HAPIA:

"I noticed the eye. But the strange thing about the negative is that part of it shows flesh too. And even though there is a 'collar' of the shirt, there is no shirt - you can see the panelling through. I stayed up until 3am playing with the photo - and I can at least confirm you didn't send in a hoax, but trying to confirm exactly what you caught is stumping me. If it was a reflection of someone, you would see the shirt as well, and when pictures are sent to me that are hoaxes, usually our program will pick it up from enhancing and the making the photo a negative, which wasn't the case with yours. There are no definite outlines, and its too perfect.

Well if you look at the negative image I sent back to you - the rim of the shirt is where it should be - but no shirt - so anyone who would say its a reflection is not looking at it correctly. The distorted eye is interesting, but what interests me is the way the face is in the picture. It looks like most of it is right on or behind the foremost glass, but then another part behind the pipe. Thats what is making it a bit confusing. I cannot believe the detailing in the lips, the nose and the one visible eye. I have never seen a picture that is flesh toned as well."