St. Augustine Ghost Pictures

Do you see what Laurie sees?

"Hi, My name is Laurie Eckman and I'm from Elkhart, IN. I took these pictures on my digital camera last month on the Ghost & Gravestones tour in St. Augustine FL. All these pictures were taken outside of the Old Jail In St. Augustine.

In picture #1, I see what seems to be a little girl standing or floating on the right hand side of the rooftop right by the corner of the jail. Also there seems to be several Orbs floating about. Same for picture #2, Lots of Orbs in the picture. In picture #3, I see what appears to be a woman standing in the upper left hand window. I had to really zoom her in on my computer, but once I did, I could see her clearly. She is dressed in black and she has brownish red hair. She seems to be dressed in early 1900's clothing. Also more Orbs in the picture. Please know that it was a clear night in St. Augustine, and only one person inside of the building at the time these pictures were taken, and the person inside was a man. He was one of our tour guides. Hope you enjoy these."