Halloween Graveyard Ghost Pictures

Jason sent us this nice capture of ectoplasm and a green orb:

"This is a pic from a graveyard I went to on Halloween in 2004. The night was clear and warm. Looks like a ghost or something to me, and there's an orb of some kind in the tree as well. I also recorded an EVP at the same place on the same night- let me know if you collect these as well. Thanks for looking.

I am from Taylorsville, Kentucky. I only got one EVP that night on my DVR. The EVP occurs right at the 12 second mark. You will hear me ask, "Spirits if you have anything to say, say it." Then at the 10 second mark, you will hear my friend kinda mumble something in the background (I think that was my friend...). Then right after that at the 12 second mark, you will hear a creepy EVP whisper which sounds like a male that says, "We're dead." (its kinda quiet, you may have to turn up loud for full effect). I know its not the wind because you can hear the wind in the background behind it, and for a full 45 minutes or recording, it was the only time a weird sound like that came across. Proof enough for me!"