Kathy's Ghost Pictures

Kathy Owen from Bodfish, CA has sent us some more of her ghost pics. There are some good ones!

1: "This was taken in my living room next to the Wood Burning Stove. At first, I thought it was just another plain Orb. But when I took a closer look, and woman's upper body appeared in the Orb. You can clearly see her shoulders, head and face with hair. Like if the picture was a photograph."

2: "This is an Orb that I caught in my living room, right next to the lamp. I catch this same Orb quite often on my camera. It seems to make itself right at home."
3: "This was a moving Orb that I caught outside in my front yard on a November night. The green Orb in the tree seems to follow me inside or out. The Pink Orb is different, I never caught that one before on camera. It seems as if it can't make up it's mind which way it wants to go."
4: "This pic is awesome!! I was out walking the park with the camera, and I stopped at my usual spot to take a shot of the window. This is an old building that I use for storage only. When I got back in the house and downloaded the picture to my computer, this is what came up. You can see the face of a man in the right corner of the lower half of the window. He looks like he has a beard and mustache."