North Carolina Ghost Pictures

Deborah from North Carolina sent us some awesome ghost pictures. The first has ectoplasm swirling in the air. The second has strange energy around the bird cage. The third has a moving orb in the corner of the dog picture. The fourth picture has an anomaly in the left corner:

"We built our house on family land. Also there are a lot of Indian arrowheads found on this property. I seem to think it may be my husband's grandparents to which we were close to. This was taken with a Fuji disposable camera. It was the first from a few years back. No one knows when this was taken, but I know it was in my daughter's bedroom on account of the ceiling fan blade. It is the only thing recognizable in the pic. The others were taken this past Xmas with different disposable cameras.

(the second pic is a pic of our parakeet. The cage is in the living room right beside a chair in the corner. Our little dog takes spells of barking at the chair. Sometimes she stands and barks down the hallway where our daughter's room is located. Do you think these are spirits and ghosts?"