Cemetery Anomalies Ghost Pictures

Brian sent us some pictures that may or may not be explainable. You decide...

"To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of a co-worker of mine, Paul Gottfried, I am submitting these four photos for you to review. It is my belief that some of the anomalies captured on these photographs may contain paranormal properties. The owner of these photos has authorized the free usage of these photos as you see fit. Upon your professional review, I would be eager to get your thoughts on these.

All of these photos were taken with standard 35 mm color film and all of the images are 100% faithful to their film negatives. These photos were recently scanned with a high-quality Lexmark X1185 scanner at 300 dpi. Thank you for your time, consideration, and professionalism. Enjoy."

1-3: "This picture, taken in a cemetery, was taken during clear conditions with the use of a standard flash. The upper right portion of the photo appears to contain a sort of orange flame. Additionally, there is a second smaller object toward the left. Per the photographer, there were absolutely no background lights at all--the sky was pitch black."

(Note: We cannot explain the flames, but the flying object to the left looks like an insect to us)

4 & 5: "This photo, taken at the same cemetery, contains two separate subjects. There appears to be three orange 'orbs' in the upper right portion as well as a very prominent white pillar of sorts in the middle. The pillar may be explained by a back-flash effect (the flash reflecting back at the photographer at a nearly 90 degree angle). If this is the case, I am unable to explain why the spatial orientation seems to place the object in question both behind and in front of the same tombstones directly beneath it."

The shape would indicate something such as flash reflection, but the image seems to be between the headstones!

6: "This photo was taken at the same cemetery.  Obviously, there is a lot going on here.  The streams travel in relatively random patterns and are in multiple colors (white, yellow, red, etc.).  Some of the steams also have a multi-layered appearance, some are staggered (dotted), and some are solid.  I feel this photo is by far the least explainable of the group.  Even a sudden jerk of a camera during flash discharge would not produce such an effect being as the streams 'travel' independently of each other."