Cemeteries Ghost Pictures

Rhonda of Cincinnati sent us some more ghost pictures from cemeteries:

"This (first picture) is from Richmond Cemetery in Kentucky of one of my ancestors. Notice the spirit to the left of the stone and a vortex to the right. When I walked by the stone, you could feel the strength surrounding this area. It was great. Photo taken at noon on a sunny day.

The second photo is from my ex-husbands family cemetery. My daughter was with me and it was about 11:45 when this was taken. Notice all the way to the right, the figures in blue colors. After I saw the photo, I went back to the cemetery and when these figures were standing, is a stone with "Elizabeth" and her two daughters, one stone on each side of her. She was a Seminole woman from the mid 1700's. It was exciting!

This (third picture) is from the cemetery of my ex-husband and over this gated area, you can see the orb in the air. My daughter and mother went with me at midnight to take some photos and this is the only one that turned out. This gated area is in front of the area where the Seminole woman is buried."