Cat Ghost Picture

John sent us this amazing ghost picture which has two apparitions of cats by the white cat in the picture:

"My little white kitty "Tera" is sitting near the grave of her sister. I thought it was sweet, so I took a picture of it."

"I took this pic 2 days after my cats death.  And then, when I brought it up on my computer...Lord, and behold!  There right behind Tera, is a ghostly image of her sister "Shavanh."  he was badly injured by an owl;  and it broke our hearts to have to put her to sleep.  She was a really fun cat.  We miss her dearly.  I hope you can post this for all to see. There is a different plane (spiritual) after this one."

We asked John if he noticed the second ghost kitty and he replied:

"Yes, I did see the other, too. I didn't say anything about it -- I wanted to see if you had seen her, too. Anyway, she was a very loved cat, and we miss her alot. I have taken many pics since that one, but, have never seen anything else. The pic has made a believer out of me."