Stull Cemetery Ghost Pictures

Tina Clark sent us these ghost pictures and story from Stull Cemetery in Kansas:

"This place is really haunted, and very frightening, people should know that ghosts are real, and not always friendly."

"I am in journalism at my college, and for our halloween issue, I decided to check out "haunted" places and rate them on "creepiness" or if they were actually haunted. I went to Stull Cemetary in Kansas, just west of Lawrence (October 8, 2005). I went with some friends, once at 11 pm and again around 3:30 am.

The story goes that a witch bore the devil's child, she was hung by a tree, and the child was killed and buried somewhere on the grounds. Later the tree fell over and opened a gateway to hell. There also used to be a stone church, but it was torn down a few years ago. People claimed that if you threw something in the church, you would never hear it fall. Also, people would see a dark, demonic figure in the doorway to the church.

The first picture is of me on an old stone wall in front of some trees, one of which is fallen over. I am holding my tape recorder and said "if there are any spirits here, please make yourself known." My friend snapped the pic with my digital camera and screamed. We tried to disprove the misty shape surrounding me, using breath (since it was cold) and no one with me smokes.

On the second trip, we went back to the tree. I didn't notice until a month ago that there seems to be a figure peeking out from between them, orb-like. Then we headed into the graveyard, it became colder the more we went towards the center (we later confirmed with a car thermometer that it was several degrees colder in the graveyard than right outside the gate!). I then snapped off a pic of a grave and a stone slab a few feet away, instead of seeing the slab, a brownish misty face is there! When we went back to my house, we listened to my tape, and on the second trip, a piano can be heard in the background!"