Middle School Ghost Picture

Rachael Bradney of Missouri sent us this middle school ghost picture of what looks like a lady looking through the window. There is no one on the outside, and the reflection of people in the room cannot account for this ghostly image:

"This photo was taken at my daughter's Shakespeare Festival Play. I never felt any presence or anything odd that night, but throught the middle school years, I really dont like being in the school alone at night. Is it an angel, ghost, or perhaps a spirit of the shakespearian era come back to make sure they were doing every thing right? If you notice the second window in the back of the room with the shade up, there is what appears to be a woman with blonde hair looking in from the window. But if you look close you can see it's on this side of the window. By the way, the windows are tinted."

We attempted to enlarge the face of the woman.  Is she a ghost?  Let Rachael know at: