Ghost Pictures: Andersonville

Matt & Melissa Davis had an eventful day on their visit to Andersonville, Georgia at the Civil War Village. These photos lead us to believe that this place is haunted. These following ghost pictures have very nice ectoplasm and orbs captured by the Davis family:

"These pictures were taken on July 9, 2005 at Andersonville, Georgia. We were showing our sister some of the sites here and took these pics with a digital camera. I will explain each pic as I send them:

Picture #1 is in the museum on the grounds of Andersonville - my daughter felt really cold when I took the picture.

Picture #2 - you can see plainly orbs all around.

Picture #3 around the stage coach...there is a lot of paranormal activity, we think it is a lady standing beside it. You can make out a parasol.

Picture #4 - you can see with my sister-in-law, a huge orb.

Picture #5 & #6, as you can see in the first one there is a lot of activity around my daughter; and in the second, it is like they are surrounding her and the carriage.

Picture #7, as you see there are a lot of spirits around my brother and sister-in-law - there is even what looks like a man in the very back near the building.

We weren't looking for spirits; but it seems like they were finding a way to let us know we weren't alone."