Prospect Place Mansion Ghost Pictures

Stormy Renner of Stormy's Ghost Lab sent the following ghost pictures taken at Prospect Place Mansion:

"Prospect Place Mansion is alive with spirits of the past. It is an exciting place for ghost hunters and anyone interested in the paranormal or fascinated with rich history. I am fortunate to live so near to the mansion that I can easily schedule overnight stays to conduct my investigations. The owner, George Adams, is a wonderful man who is dedicated to the restoration efforts of his ancestor's home.

The attached two pictures were taken by Lee Renner, my Mother and fellow ghost hunter, on 4-6-07 in the presence of Heather Yingling, Lead Investigator; and Danny, a Field Reporter from Mount Vernon, Ohio.Heather was using copper dowsing rods for communication purposes and claimed to be communicating with Malcolm, a young boy who once lived in the mansion and William Cox, who once owned the mansion. These are the original pictures and have not been changed in any way."