Notre Dame Ghost Picture

Matthew sent us these pictures taken in the famed Notre Dame Cathedral:

"My wife and I recently, March 17th, took a trip to Paris. On our adventure of the city we stopped at the Notre Dame Cathedral. I took many pictures inside the cathedral with my Canon S1 IS. All came out clear with the exception of the one I have attached. I have also included another photo that was taken about 15 minutes later. Compare the two. Note the bright orb on the left is not a light. Note the orb directly above the man or woman on the bottom right of the picture. Is there really life after death?"

UPDATE: Thomas Coyne sent us this e-mail and picture recently:

"This a photo I shot with a digital camera in May 2005. I was looking at your web site when I came across a photo taken from the same vantage point in March 2005 that someone else had submitted. Upon seeing their's, I decided to look at own picture again. Low and behold there were many orbs in my picture as well. In fact, if you compare the two, some seem to be in the same places."