Mansfield Prison Ghost Picture

Brogan Wyant sent us an interesting Mansfield Prison ghost picture. What is intriguing is the man in the photo is in jeans and a t-shirt and appears to be doing janitorial work, perhaps. However, his mid section is see-through, but the rest of his body and the photograph is solid:

"We were on a tour of the prison one day and we got lost from the group. So, while we were trying to find them, I took a few photos. I have MANY pictures of orbs from that day that I saw when I uploaded my pictures to my computer; but one picture caught my attention, and it was this one. It looks like a man holding a mop or so on the lower floor by the stairs. Orbs can also be seen when zoomed in."

We cannot figure this picture out, because everything else has remained solid, including his arm which appears in front of the dark section; but his mid-section is invisible in the same area.

Is it a ghost man? You decide...