Moving Shadow Ghost Picture

John McClain sent us this ghost picture of what may be a moving shadow ghost. We questioned John, wondering if an employee could have popped up or passed by, and he sent us the before and after photographs, as well as the following story about this shadow ghost picture:

"This photo was taken at work in my QA lab. For the last few months we have had many people at work say they have seen something, or felt something at our work place. Some people have taken photos of some things, but it was very hard to see. I was very amazed to see this (possible shadow ghost) when I took this photo, as it was only a few feet from my desk."

The moving image could be a ghost, but could also be a person popping up from behind the screen. If it is a shadow ghost, then it demonstrates sometimes features/color can be seen within them, while other shadow ghosts have appeared as black static or a black mist. You decide...

Further note:We did ask John, "Are you certain there was no one else (short male or female) moving from right to left that was captured in the photograph in front of the man (on the left)?" John replied: "Yes. I am positive, because I took four pictures in a row and this was the third in a shot of four. The guy on the left had a white shirt on, and I know he did not move, plus the guy on the left has a white shirt on, so if it was him walking in the pic, it would have been white and not black like in the photo

Here's the series of pics I took: Here at work, people really do think our two buildings are haunted. Just yesterday, we had another story of someone seeing a man walk down into the basement, but when someone asked him where he was going he vanished. I will be totally honest; I do not believe in any of these stories and that's what made me start taking the pics. I told everyone that if this place was haunted as they believe, then I should be able to see them when I take pictures anywhere. Well, I started to randomly take pictures from my desk and you see what I have in them.

Just a little about myself. I am the Quality Manager, and the camera I used is the camera I use for all our quality work here: an Olympus sp-310. We have had a few supervisors see and hear things. There was one instance where a supervisor saw a spirit grab the back of a woman's head and snap it back. His area is where all the sightings began."