New Ghost Pictures: Jan. 2005

Vince from Miami sent us this orb picture. It was taken on Christmas Day 2004 in Honduras. Is it dust, moisture or ghost? You decide:

I took a photo with the Canon A-70 Powershot digital camera. No film glitches because it's a memory card. The orb seems to have concentric circles, and of course, was not present to my eyes when I took the photo. Plus, it was too dark to be a lens flare, as the sun had already set in the background. I'm not sure about what it could be, though it seemed interesting.

Miami, FL

These next ghost photos are very interesting when you read Tonia's story of how the ghost pic came to be. What produced this image?

"I took this picture a few nights ago, I wanted to get a photo of the snow coming down so I went outside, pointed my camera into the sky and took a photo, this is what showed up, I don't know if it was a ghost or an Angel or nothing at all, if you can zoom in on the photos between the 2nd and 3rd brightest lines, 3rd photo from the top you can see 3 people, an elderly person sitting down in the lower right corner facing you, a man wearing a construction helmet or something and wearing a blue or gray shirt facing to the side and a young person behind them leaning over the shoulder of the elderly person, I just got the camera for Christmas brand new from the box and I never took a picture like that so itwasn't a double exposure or a photo that was already in the camera. The original photo is upside down, so that the photo inside will be right side up - right after I took the picture a long thin branch fell off the tree above me and landed behind me, my friend said that the branch was knocked off by what ever it was going up into the sky."

Tonia Talberg
Princeton, MN

3 & 4: These two pics are the enlarged image contained within the first photo sent by Tonia.