Anna's Greek Ghost Pictures

Anna from Greece sent us two pictures for your review and nice comments. Please share your thoughts politely with her at :

This photograph was taken with a digital HP camera. Please note: During the time of the open car door where I was standing, I got this in my picture...

At first I didn't pay much attention to it, but then I shared it with a friend and she had pointed out some things to me! If you carefully look at the part of a cloud that was suppose to be me! You can notice a round bright ball of light that from the first looks like a light bulb of the car behind...but, if you magnify the picture and that specific piece, you can see that the light ball seems to be much in front, which excludes the possibility to belong to the car! Does it look like an orb?
Another thing is that, I, and many other people that I have shown the picture to, agree that you can see a Woman's face, that has nothing in common with me! Besides I was standing straight, turned towards the person who was taking the photograph, but the body on the photo seems to be turned as if it is crossing the road, and it is just the face that is turned towards the photographer!

Thank you very much for replying and as you understand I am very curious in finding out what could be the cause of that effect. Posting this picture is a great idea, and I believe it could give some clues to its origin. There are different points of view . Some say it is just a simple motion captured, and that I moved the last moment, but others suggest that it could be an overlapping of parallel dimension and a physical one. Nevertheless, neither of these thoughts have shed any light on the riddle.

Regarding your question, this picture was shot in Athens city center, not far from the historic part of the town. The dates...I'm not quite sure, but sometime at the end of January. About 8 o'clock at night with a digital HP camera, probably with flash.

2-5: Also I would like you to have a look at another picture I've got. Again, it may be nothing, it may be something. It was shot in spring 2003 on Rhodes Island (Greece).Please note regarding the waterfall: I have the same photo taken a day earlier, and the face was not there...