CryBaby Bridge - Franklin County, Georgia Legend

Crybaby Bridge is in Franklin County, Georgia and has a long legend of ghost voices being heard here at night. The following story and pictures have recently been submitted:

"We have this bridge where I live we call 'crybaby bridge.' The story behind it is that a lady and her baby were riding in a horse carriage over the bridge when something spooked the horse and the carriage tipped over, killing both the baby and the mother. The legend is, if you park your car in the middle of the bridge, close all the doors, put your keys on the hood, and yell, 'I killed your baby,' the doors will lock, sometimes you may hear a horse's steps, a baby crying and see a shadow of a figure that's supposed to be the lady. Well, I got a couple of friends together and rigged an expedition to scare other friends that went with us; but we've taken some pictures down there and I was wondering what you thought about them. I also took pictures on the way up there.

The church in one of the pictures has a story, too. Allegedly, if you go in and try to carry the Bible from the altar out of there, it will get very heavy and the lights at the end of the pews will light up. At the end, the Bible will be so heavy it drops from your hands and the only way to pick it up is to carry it back. None of us have tried it because it sounds too creepy but we took a picture of the outside. Let me know what you think!" - Heather
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