Kristy's Ghost Photos

Kristy sent us some nice ghost pictures...

"My name is Kristy...I live in Rio Rancho, NM and we were looking through some pictures and saw these freaky things...we have no clue if they are the real deal or not, but they sure do look weird. I hope you can use them"

1: "We have no idea what this is on the left hand side, but it is a little freaky to us. That is my little girl - maybe that is her guardian I don't know."
2: "These we think are the real thing. We were camping in the woods. And they came in clear as day, when we developed the pictures."
3: "This one, we are not sure of... but, it looks a little freaky - especially by his hand (that is not part of his blanket). This was the same camping trip as the one before."
4: "This orb appears in a lot of pictures with my husband. We think it is the real deal..."