Vetran and Jim Morrison Ghost Pictures

Kathy Owen from Bodfish, California sent us some more ghost pictures. Here are her comments:

"I'm sending you 4 pictures that I had to retake with my camera. I had these in a photo album. This one I am sending is when I was a truck driver, and we stopped in Cabazon, Ca. at the General George Patton Museum. My daughter and I are standing in front of the Tank. you can barely see us. But look closely behind the tank on the right side of the picture. A War World II Veteran was standing behind the tank. We were the only ones there that day. And there was no one walking around in uniform."

3 & 4: "This picture was given to me from a friend, who knew I liked The Doors. I took close notice to all the flowers in this picture. On the left hand side of this picture also to the upper left, the flowers appear to be blurry, and if something is standing there. No other flower looks that way except for that area. All other flowers are very clear. Could this be Jim Morrison himself? This is an actual photo that was taken from mr friend."
5: "This is another photo that I had in my album that needed to be re-taken. This is my daughter posing for a photo at my sister's house. A Black Shadow Ghost appeared below her in the bottom right corner of this pic."