Woman Ghost Snapshot

Janice sent us a ghost picture of a woman's head that appeared behind her Grandmother. Per my request, Janice re-checked the area and other photographs to see if there was anything else that might have explained the strange anomaly in the background. This is a very interesting ghost snapshot:

"I thought I had a reflection off the wheelchair behind my Grandmother. But if that were the case, the glare would be in front of her too, but it isn't; and there seems to be a mist or foggy shape developing behind her. Maybe it's the flash casting a shadow. But something I can't understand is the shadowing effect, since there's about ten foot from where she is sitting to the wall behind her. And if you look at several of the pictures prior to the face, you can see that all that is there is a curtain - nothing under it either. The face is solid enough that it blocks out the curtain and the flowers on it."