Whaley House Ghost Photograph

The haunted Whaley House in San Diego California has had quite a few ghost pictures taken there over the years. Recently, we received another interesting ghost photograph from Lisa Gonzalez that was also taken in the haunted home. Take a look at the shadow of a woman that is cast upon the bed backboard:

"I was taking a self-guided tour of the old Whaley House in San Diego, CA and taking pictures with a personal camera of mine. All of the rooms are protected with a glass window so you cannot enter them. I was by myself when I took this picture, and I was really shocked when the camera showed me what I just taken: I captured a complete shadow of a petite woman with her hair pulled back into a bun and with her hands neatly placed on her lap. If you look closer at the edge of the picture, you'll notice an opaque figure almost like it's the bottom of her dress. So I showed this to the staff members at the Whaley House and they informed me that the room where I captured the shadow of the ghost belonged to Violet Whaley a member of the Whaley family who had commited suicide."

Some might think that is is the photographer's (Lisa's) shadow being cast into the room. But if you look closely, the hands and arms are not positioned to hold a camera that is taking a photograph. Also, the hair is either pull tight to the head or not there at all.