Vacation Ghost Picture

Deanna sent us this ghost picture which was taken right before she left on vacation. Notice the very nice orb captured in the upper right of the ghost picture. The lines going through the picture on the left side are unexplained. We wouldn't worry about the ghost being upset if you take more pictures and investigate further...after all, it is your house, too!

"I hope this is a real ghost. I have never seen anything like this before. I took it with my digital camera right before my boyfriend and I left for Jamaica. The house was built in 1913, but I am not sure of the old owners, I want to do some research on it. I have always thought someone was in our formal living room; I always felt weird when I walked passed it...but this picture was taken in the TV room...maybe something happened in that room. I am going to go through the house now and take more pictures to see if I find anything else. This is so weird because nobody has ever bothered us, moved things, or made it was a huge shock to me. I just hope whatever it is, it does not become upset that I am trying to find information out about it. I know nothing about ghosts. I wish I had more scary info about the ghost, but i just found this out when I took the picture."