Flash of Light Ghost Pictures

Kris Cooke sent us these three ghost pics with bright light flashing across the picture. Often, if a camera strap gets in the picture, the flash will illuminate the strap similar to these. Kris however, did not have a strap on the camera side, and also couldn't duplicate the effect...therefore, we are probably looking at moving orbs or ectoplasm:

"These three (out of about 60) that I took at a "haunted" location depict a very intense energy ribbon; I'm not sure. There was no obstruction on the lens, and no other light source other than the camera flash. Note: all three pics were taken one after the other, and in the same location - just different angles...it was not the camera strap - the camera strap attaches to the underneath of my camera and hangs down. But, just to be sure, I did attempt to replicate the results by having my finger in front of the lens, and the camera strap, and neither came remotely close to the same. The camera strap comes out darkened or black, due to the location of my flash, in reference to the location of the the lens (on complete opposite sides of the camera) - any obstruction on the lens would fail to be illuminated by the flash...also, note in the final of the three pics, the flash fails to illuminate any of the foreground bushes or trees?"