London Underground Ghost Picture

The following ghost picture and its story has circulated the Internet for quite a few years. Known as the "London Underground Ghost," this picture has stumped quite a few people.

The London Underground ghost picture was taken in 1985 by a Mrs. Woo while on a train, photographing her nephew from Malaysia in the Bakerloo Line Underground.

Skeptics Explanation of the Ghost Picture

As the story goes, London's Madame Tussauds wax museum has a figure of Bruno Hauptmann (accused murderer of the Lindbergh baby) sitting in an electric chair that is identical to the image of the man seen in this ghost photograph who is being electrocuted. Only the blue sparks seen in the ghost picture differ from the actual wax figure found inside the museum. Although the museum itself has no recollection of using a poster in subway stations to advertise their collection (and possibly using this image), many skeptics believe this is how the image appeared in the ghost photo. Not a ghost - a poster. Who knows for sure?

The ghost photo appeared in the documentary, Ghosts on the Underground. Since then, it has made its way around the globe via the web, fascinating many.

Look closely at the window behind the passengers and you will see the man in the elelctric chair. Many believe this to be a ghost. Others believe this to be either a hoax or poster in the London Underground (subway) station.

2: A comparison photo of Bruno Hauptmann in the chair taken at Madame Tussauds museum.