Melissa's Ghost Picture

Melissa sent us this orb ghost pic recently:

"This is a picture of my nephew and his girlfriend on April 30th of this year. This was him walking into a surprise graduation/birthday party at a Days Inn in Carrollton, Ohio. There were many pictures that night and this is the only one that had anything "strange" in it. This was a difficult moment for my nephew, because the party was given by his father whom he had been estranged with for the last 9 months. So I'm wondering if this could be his guardian angel or possibly his spirit guide giving him the support he needed that night. Only my side of the family was there (the whole family), so I'm (also) wondering if this could be one of his great-grandparents that is deceased that decided to come to the party...

(Just an F.Y.I. this picture was taken at about 8pm - about the time the sun was going down. The drapes were pulled and the only lighting was the lamps in the room)."