Piscataway House Ghost Picture

Norm from NJGhosts.Com has a great picture he has posted. He gave us permission to post it - and here is his explanation of the photo:

"A friend of mine in the UK, Mark Coultous, pointed out to me that "there's something in the pine tree (on the right side of the picture) that looks like a "white mist". Using a graphic enhancement program, he first saw what appears to be a "woman in a long black dress, like a maid. She appears to have long black hair". (It looks like a WHITE dress to ME!). Using other tools in the program, he was able to "discover" a man's head ( & fingers ) behind the woman!

Someone pointed out that, in the grey photo, she seems to be holding a DAGGER! And, the "dagger" seems to be casting a shadow across her "body"! I dunno what to make of this. I usually discount such pictures, but you have to admit that it DOES look like 2 people!"

Visit these pages for a close-up and more enhancements!

Close-up of original ghost photo
Enhancements of ghostly girl