House Trouble Ghost Pictures

Leslie sent us some ghost pictures from her troubled house she moved into recently. The pictures have some nice ectoplasm showing up:

"Lately some real weird things have been happening in our home. We moved in this house about four months ago. When we first moved in, everything was fine. The first thing that happened was I bought my husband a nice pen for Christmas and it disappeared for about a month, then reappeared to the place where we thought we put it last. Then my daughter said she was bothered by someone trying to open her bedroom door in the night while she was trying to sleep. This happened on a few occasions. Then the past two mornings, we have been getting up finding the middle bedroom light had been turned on sometime in the night. My husband and I are the only two who live here. My daughter comes in on the weekends. Please look at these pictures we took and let us know what is going on if you can. I am really bothered by what is going on and I don't know how much longer I can live in this house."

"I have learned to adjust to living with the ghost in my house. I must say, strange things happen all of the time, but the ghost DOES respond to me when I talk to him/her. I have gotten more photos for you. I keep getting strange things and what you are calling orbs, on my camera a lot. I get them about 50% of the time when I take pictures. Whatever is here, is VERY active and likes attention. My back door keeps getting closed even after I put something in front of it to keep it open."