Key West Cemetery Ghost Pictures

Maxim Meneses sent these ghost pictures recently from Key West cemetery. Do you see a boy? Outlines provided by Maxim...

"Hello. This picture was taken at the Key West Cemetery on September 2004. I honestly don’t remember the exact weather conditions, but I can tell you that the day was bright and warm. I took at least 30 pictures of the cemetery with no success. It was recently, after patiently reviewing them again, that I discovered what is shown in the attached picture. The first set contains two pictures, one where I outline the silhouette of what I think is a kid looking towards the right side of the picture. The second picture is the original. What concerns me is that in this picture the kid is looking to another direction. The second set of pictures contains the image, which I took right after - and where the kid seemed to be looking at me. The image on the second set is way clearer than the first set; I have no doubt that it is in fact a kid. I clearly see a child and it seems that he or she was looking at me while I was taking the picture. I’m submitting three copies of the same picture as follow: the first picture where I outline the silhouette of what I clearly see as a kid, so you may see it better. I’m also sending a second picture, which is the original, and finally a third one, which is a zoom of the kid."

Taken by: Maxim Meneses – Key Biscayne, FL