Sister's Haunted Home Ghost Pictures

Ann Marie sent us some ghost pictures taken in her sister's house with strange occurrences:

"They were taken at night. My sister says her house is haunted, so we started to take pictures and we got some very strange things as you can see. These pics are just a few of what we have. I have sat in her house and saw things move without anyone being anywhere near it. Doors open on their own....people walking with no one there in the rooms. We also hear people talking when no one is around; strange smells and a lot of cold, the feeling we're being watched all the time. The pictures were taken in the house. When we took the pics, we always felt something like cold spots coupled with the feeling that someone was there. I have had a few times when my shirt was tugged on (and no one was near me), so I am not sure what is going on in her house, but I do know the things I have seen and heard..."