House Ghost

David sent us this picture with a face in the window. This photo was taken in 1984 in Anderson SC. Is this a house guest or house ghost!?

"About 20 years ago, my wife and I had moved in this house (where we lived for a couple of years). It wasn't long after moving in that we realized we were not alone... because this ghost let us know right off he or she was there.

After moving in I had found out later there had been several other people that had moved in that didn't stay too long. This was a very loud spirit in a very small house.I've had the fortune of living in two more homes with spirits since this one. I've experienced a lot of strange things through the years that you wouldn't believe, but I've never been afraid and most of the time I just laugh. I realize we all have spirits and it's just a matter of time for each of us to cross over. In this photo, the ghost seems to be looking out the window. I can see two in this picture - the one you can see clearly, and I think theres one more behind him, to the right."